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Third Party Awards

The Third-Party Awards process is used to bill outside organizations for students' tuition and/or fees. If the Bursar's Office needs to bill an external organization to pay tuition and fees, please follow the steps below:

Student Responsibilities

Billing Authorization Requirements

Savannah State University
P.O. BOX 27143
3219 College St.
Savannah, GA 31404

Conditional Credit

Our office may apply a conditional credit to student accounts as long as an authorization form is on file. The Bursar's Office will then bill the organization after the Attendance Verification is complete to receive payment for your award. Students who do not receive full payment of account balance are responsible for paying all remaining charges on their respective account.

Holds and other restrictions will be placed on the student account until the balance is paid in full. If a third-party organization fails to pay the authorized charges within 60 days from the date billed, the conditional credit will be reversed and the student will be responsible for the unpaid charges. Students should remain in contact with the organization until the terms of the billing authorization have been met.

Third Party Awards Contacts