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Savannah State University students have an array of scholarship opportunities available to them for many majors, degrees and class levels. Please note that if verification of enrollment is required to apply for a scholarship, the student must obtain that information in the PAWS account, under the Student Dashboard's Additional Links. 

Internal Scholarships

ScholarshipUniverse is our scholarship-matching tool for admitted and current students. You complete a questionnaire and an application (for committee awards only) and we match you with available scholarships. 

Savannah State University has two types of scholarships- direct awards and committee awards. Direct awards are based on your student questionnaire and student account. There are merit-based scholarships and need-based scholarships, with a variety of criteria. Committee awards are determined by the scholarship committee that established the scholarship. Each committee has their own respective committee award deadlines. 

Once you have been selected to receive an award, you will be notified via email to complete a "thank you" letter in ScholarshipUniverse. Once that letter is approved, your award will be updated in your financial aid award in PAWS. Until the scholarship is authorized in your financial aid, it will not display on your student account statement. 

External Scholarships

External scholarships are awarded by outside companies and organizations. Competition for these funds vary on the local, state, and national levels. Below are a few examples of opportunities you may want explore when researching external scholarships: 

When forwarding scholarship funds to our office, please ensure the following are included:

*Please be advised that scholarship funds will be split between fall and spring semesters, unless a term is specified. If a scholarship is submitted for summer, the funds will all be applied towards summer. 

Scholarship and Payment Contacts

Please send all scholarships related information, including the physical scholarship check, to the Bursar's Office. They can be reached e-mail address. Mail checks to the below address:

Savannah State University
P.O. BOX 27143
3219 College St.
Savannah, GA 31404

Scholarship Award Letters To Secure Classes

Based on Board of Regent's procedures (BPM 10.1.1), SSU is no longer allowed to secure a student's course schedule without approved and awarded financial aid scholarships. This means that our office can accept written documentation from donors that scholarship checks are forthcoming to save students from the cancellation for non-payment.

In order for scholarships to be included in the student account at the time of cancellation for non-payment, SSU must receive the award letter with awardees' name, student ID number, semester or academic year awarding, and anticipated timeframe SSU can expect payment prior to the advertised payment deadline. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate the payment deadline to the donor and to provide the Bursar's Office with a copy of the award letter. Share a copy of your award letter with to ensure your scholarship is processed timely.