The refund process depends on what created the over payment giving the account a credit refund. Savannah State University must adhere to federal regulations and return credit card refunds back to the credit card that made payment within the last six months, regardless of who made payment towards the student account. If multiple credit cards are used, the refunds are based on transaction amounts and dates. 

Savannah State University has partnered with Touchnet and BankMobile, to manage student and parent refunds. Students and authorized users can establish eRefund (direct deposit) profiles in their respective view of the student account. The eRefund profile method is the fastest way for students and parents to receive their refund credit. Any account that does not have an established eRefund or if the authorized user profile does not match the Parent Plus Loan information (authorized user's name, email address, and authorization questions), credits will be transferred to BankMobile. 

BankMobile has two additional options for students; additional option for direct deposit or a BankMobile checking account. BankMobile mails checking information to the Savannah State mailing address on file. Please expect a 5-10 business day mailing delay if checking account is the selected refund option. 

BankMobile has only one option for parents, a mailed physical check. The check is mailed to the mailing address on the Parent Plus Loan application. Please expect a 5-10 business day mailing delay. BankMobile can only void and reissue physical checks for parents. If funds are needed more timely, establish an eRefund in the authorized user account.  

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