Kennedy Fine Arts Building

University Recreation & Wellness

Mission Statement

The office of University Recreation and Wellness Programs (URW) is a vital piece to the overall mission of Savannah State University (SSU). With the lack of physical fitness classes on campus URW fills that needed void. URW's mission is to educate students, faculty & staff on the importance of wellness awareness by enhancing existing wellness activities and programs, implementing and creating new wellness activities on and off campus, and by challenging and encouraging campus leadership to actively get involved. We plan to actively continue with improving our facilities and upgrading equipment in order to provide quality service to all patrons. We want to be the source that provides education and information on health and wellness issues to SSU.


Student Membership

Membership is included in student fees.

Faculty / Staff Membership

Wellness Partners

Health Center

Dedicated to the delivery of excellent health care.

Career Services

Provide services to students/alumni seeking employment.

Counseling Center

Provide free, confidential counseling and support.

Hours of Operations

Mon - Thurs/ FRI Sat & Sun
1pm - 6pm/ 1pm-5pm Closed
Mon - Thurs/ Fri SAT & Sun
1pm - 6pm / 1pm - 5pm Closed
Closed for maintenance