Disability Services

Savannah State University's Disability staff is committed to working with students with disabilities to assess their needs and to assist with academic accommodations that may be necessary and appropriate due to their disability. We are committed to assisting each student reach his/her maximum potential through the pursuit of educational goals. The primary goal is to assure equal access to all aspects of the college experience for students with disabilities through reasonable accommodation.

The Disability Services assists in the coordination of appropriate services, based on the student's individual documented needs. We also seek to enhance understanding of disabilities and provide support within the campus community. Our office motto is HELP is not a BAD 4 letter word. All students need to realize that the intake process, documentation review, and arrangements take time. Please apply for services well in advance. It is best to call and schedule an intake appointment with the coordinator as soon as you are accepted for admission to SSU.

Our office also works closely with Human Resources to assist SSU employees with disabilities to arrange accommodations that enable them to meet the essential functions of their jobs.


To ensure equal access for students with disabilities to curricular and co-curricular opportunities offered by the university, ensure equal access for employees with disabilities to meet essential functions of their jobs, provide guidance on compliance issues, and enhance disability understanding and support within the campus community..


To facilitate institutional goals by coordinating reasonable program modifications, advocating for an accessible and hospitable learning environment, consulting with the campus and community agencies, disseminating information to faculty, staff and administration and endorsing self determination by students with disabilities.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of a semester, students registered to receive accommodations will be able to:

Contact Us

King Frazier Student Center, Suite 205
Phone: (912) 358-3114
Fax: (912) 358-3616

Hours of Operation
Office and Testing Hours 9:00am - 3:00pm Monday-Friday
Appointments 1:30pm - 4:30pm Monday-Thursday
Walk-in Hours 10:00am - 12:30pm Monday-Thursday
9:00am - 1:00pm Friday

NOTE: You are welcome to set an appointment and/or testing anytime between 8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday. If you do not have a scheduled appointment, you will be asked to either return during walk-in hours or schedule a session for the first available appointment time.


Disability Services is part of Student Development, which is part of the Division of Student Affairs. We are located in the King Frazier Student Center on the second floor, suite 205. This building is located on the circle across from Hill Hall. Use the entrance at the end of the building by the bookstore and post office. Walk to the end of the hall. An elevator is available to your left next to the Office of Auxiliary Services. When you get off the elevator, you can see our office to your left.


Jacqueline Awe LCSW, MAC 912-358-3114 awej@savannahstate.edu 2nd Floor, King Frazier, Room 206
Bonita Bradley, Dean of Students 912-358-3118 bradleyb@savannahstate.edu 2nd Floor, King Frazier