Bursar's Office


It is the mission of the Bursar's Office to provide the delivery of financial services and information in an efficient, responsive, and student-centered manner. Our main focus is to promote professional safe guarding of University funds with an emphasis on providing exceptional customer service.

The Bursar's Office is responsible for the billing, collecting, and depositing of all funds collected by the university. The specific goals are:

Authorized Users

Parent/Guardian/Authorized Users now have access to the Student Account Center.  This allows authorized user's to log into a student's account to view and pay bills.

Nelnet Payment Plan

Your only cost to Nelnet is an enrollment fee:
Sign up early to maximize the benefit of spreading your payments over the maximum amount of months for the lowest enrollment fee. Plans are based on $4500 max enrollment. Accounts over a $4500 balance due will have the additional amount included in the down payment. 
Nelnet payments plan Dates and Deadlines are as follows:
Spring 2023- Enroll through Add/Drop (January 13, 2023)

*Plan is kept open to allow for registration and student account changes after early payment deadline to be added to student plans. Student accounts must be satisfied by payment deadline to avoid cancellation. 
** Student accounts will be monitored for Nelnet terminations. Any student account that has a Nelnet Payment Plan termination after our final payment deadline for that semester will be subject to course cancellation immediately upon Nelnet termination. Your down payment for Nelnet must clear the bank to be a valid payment plan with SSU.
For More Information please click the following link Nelnet Payment Plan

Electronic Book Vouchers

Students who are expecting a refund from their financial aid funds may use up to $800 in the University Bookstore as a book store credit. Students with a book store credit for a semester have a limited time to utilize the credit before it expires.  It is important to note that changes to your enrollment, aid, and/or eligibility may result in you still owing a balance if the credit is used before the changes are reflected on your invoice.

Students that have third-party vouchers covering book and supplies may use up to the amount that is designated on the voucher. Vouchers must be submitted to the Bursar's office via email to bursar@savannahstate.edu or third-party portal prior. The Bursar's Office has to coordinate with the University Bookstore for voucher credit so please expect a two day process before voucher credits can be utilized.   

The time frames for the all bookstore credit are listed below:
Spring 2023- January 2- January 19**
**Savannah State University will be closed from December 24- January 2. University Bookstore will not be open during this closure. 

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