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Bursar's Office

The Bursar's Office is responsible for the assessment, billings and collection of tuition, fees, meal plans, housing and other university charges. The department is also responsible for the processing of student refunds from financial aid or other account over payments.

Office Hours

The Bursar's Office is currently open for in-person service from Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Our Location

First floor of Hill Hall, Room 109
3219 College Street 
Savannah, Georgia 31404

Mailing Address

All correspondence pertaining to a student's account (including tuition payments, scholarship award letters, special payment information and military tuition assistance) should be sent to:  

Savannah State University3219 College StreetP.O.BOX 21743Savannah, GA 31404

Phone Numbers

Main Office - 912.358.4042


To assist our families in handling their student account activity, we offer online student accounts.  These services are available to students and authorized users. 

The features of the student account include:

To further assist our families in handling their student account balances, we partnered with Nelnet Business Solutions to allow students and authorized users the maximum benefit of spreading payments over the maximum amount of months for the lowest enrollment fee. Plans are based on $4,500 max enrollment. Accounts over a $4,500 balance due will have the additional amount included in the down payment.

 Nelnet Payment Plan Information

Students who are expecting a refund from their financial aid funds may use up to $800 in the University Bookstore as a book store credit. Students with a book store credit for a semester have a limited time to utilize the credit before it expires.  It is important to note that changes to your enrollment, aid, and/or eligibility may result in you still owing a balance if the credit is used before the changes are reflected on your invoice.

Students that have third-party vouchers covering book and supplies may use up to the amount that is designated on the voucher. Vouchers must be submitted to the Bursar's office via email to or third-party portal prior. The Bursar's Office has to coordinate with the University Bookstore for voucher credit so please expect a two day process before voucher credits can be utilized.   

The time frames for the all bookstore credit are listed below:
Summer- May 1- May 26
Fall- August 1- 25
Spring- January 2- January 19