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Mandatory Fees

Mandatory fees support critical services and activities that ensure a well-rounded collegiate experience whether the student is living on campus or not. Participation in campus events, student actives, and the support of our athletic program is an expected practice to ensure that well-rounded collegiate experience. The Office of Student Life offers opportunity to get connect and to stay engaged in our Tiger Nation all semester long.

Services offered both in person and online include, but are not limited to, physical and mental health support appointments, nutrition consults, 24/7 access to crisis counseling, after-hours medical consults and student victim assistance support with the Student Health Clinic, student recreation & wellness facility, access to library resources, individual consultations with librarians, student athletic events, and student activities.

Only the Technology Fee is assessed to exclusively online students. All mandatory fees are assessed to on-campus residents, per Board of Regent's policy. All other students are charged all mandatory fees, each semester. 

The Health Fee supports on-campus health education and infirmary services for students. 

The Student Activity Fee is determined by a student committee. Designations include intramural sports, guest speakers, student organizations, publications, band and choir, campus life events, and Student Government Association

The Student Athletic Fee supports the men's and women's varsity athletic programs including football, basketball, baseball, cross country, golf, tennis, track and field, and volleyball.

The Technology Fee is a mandatory fee charged to all students. This fee is charged to support the cost of a 24-hour student computer lab located on the main campus, off-campus lab(s) or computer access, help desk services, supplies, card access to lab(s), meal plans, residence halls, and other student supported technology services.

The Transportation Fee supports the campus transit service in support of SSU's mission to provide a safe and stable environment. This service provides shuttle transportation to various locations on campus.

The Student Center and Stadium Facility Fee is assessed to students to fund the cost of operations and service capital lease payments on a specific facility, such as the wellness center, athletic facility, and the Student Union.

*Note: Board of Regent Policy: