Kennedy Fine Arts Building

Savannah State's Administration

This administration will have as its major focus the futures of the thousands of students currently enrolled and the thousands who will be attending into the next century. All that we do will be designed to address those needs. We believe in the dreams and hopes that we see in our students' eyes and will work to make their dreams a reality. Our goal is to produce graduates who will possess the necessary skills for professional employment, advanced academic degrees, self employment and leadership opportunities.

Dr. Cheryl Davenport Dozier University President
Dr. Michael J. Laney Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Edward B. Jolley, Jr. Vice President of Business & Financial Affairs
Ms. Elaine Campbell Interim Vice President of Business & Financial Affairs
Mr. Phillip D. Adams Vice President of University Advancement
Dr. F. Carl Walton Vice President of Student Affairs
Dr. Mable Moore Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & CIO