Business & Financial Affairs Forms

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Access to PeopleSoft Financial System (eProcurement & Budget Reports)

Accounting & Accounts Payable

Auxiliary Services

Budget and Financial Analysis

Student Financial Services

Comptrollers Office (General)

Financial Aid

Grants and Contracts


Property Management (Central Stores)


University Travel

Access Forms

PeopleSoft Security Access Request Form (For Faculty & Staff) PeopleSoft Security Access Request Form (Business & Financial Affairs Staff ONLY)
Banner Student Access I-Strategy Security Access Request Form

Accounting & Accounts Payable

Direct Deposit for AP

This form allows you to be setup to receive certain AP payments via EFT.

Direct Deposit Termination
Departmental Cash Handling Security Policy & Form Check Requests Form (EchoSign)

Auxiliary Services

Commuter Meal Plans 2013 Payroll Deduction Form for Faculty/Staff Meals
Auxiliary Services Event Form Non-Department Request Form (Copy Services)
Department Request Form (Copy Services)
Budget, Financial Analysis, & Agency & Auxiliary Accounting
Budget Amendment Form
Agency Fund Agreement Agency Fund Transfer Request

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services FERPA Release Form

Cash Deposit Transmittal

Detail Code Request Form


Comptroller's Office (General)

Relocation & Moving Expense Agreement

***See Policies & Procedures page for Relocation Expense Policy

Reimbursement Request for Relocation Expenses
Departmental Cash Handling Form SSU Cash Handling Form

Financial Aid

See Financial Aid Forms

Grants & Contracts Compliance

Grant Budget Change Form Grant Budget Form

Stipend Fellowship Request
*Reset Form Before Filling Out*


Payroll Deduction Form (for meals)

Payroll Deduction Form -- Athletics

Historical Edit Form

This form is to be used for historical edits. A Historical edit is missed hours and exception time from a previous pay period.

W-2 Reissue Request Form

Property Management (Central Stores)

Property Transfer to Surplus Surplus Property Regulations
Property Transfer Form Surplus Property form
Record Control Center Card Off-Campus Use of Equipment
Equipment Retirement Form


Sales & Use Tax Exemption Form P-Card Account Summary
P-Card Transaction Log P-Card Credit Confirmation
P-Card Supervisor Approval P-Card Missing Receipt Form

Contract & Agreement - Updated 2019

Approval Form SSU Contract & Agreement - Updated 2019

P-Card Application

Vendor Registration Form

This form should be used to add new and/or update existing vendor information

P-Card Expense Approval Form
P-Card Disputed Items Form W-9 Savannah State University
W-9 Vendors/Consultants (Blank W-9)

University Travel

Candidates Travel Policy and Procedures High Cost Areas in Georgia (State Per Diems)
Statewide Travel Regulations

Travel Expense Statement (Domestic) *New Rates*

For ALL Domestic Travel within the Continental United States on or after November 1, 2016

Non-Employee/Student Travel Reimbursement Form

Travel Expense Statement - International

For ALL International Travel outside of the Continental United States

Travel Cash Advance Request Form

Note: This form should be used ONLY by persons traveling on a blanket travel authority (such as a Bus Driver)

Travel Authority Form & Cash Advance Request (EchoSign)


Travel Hotel Motel Exemption Form

For Use in State of Georgia

eReservation Online - Motor Pool **NEW**

Travel Hotel Motel Exemption Form

For Use in State of Florida

Cash Advance Clearing Form