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Accounts Receivable

The ultimate goal of Bursar's Office is to efficiently implement consistent methods of managing the institution's receivables, while complying with University System of Georgia, local, state, and federal regulations.

The student receivable process begins when charges are posted to the student account. If the student’s account is not paid in full by the advertised payment deadline, a financial hold will be placed on the student account and further collection efforts will be made to collect the amount owed. If the account balance is forwarded to a collection agency, additional fees will be added to the balance due. In addition, a delinquency report may be filed with a credit bureau.

Please note: A financial hold will remain on an account until the balance is paid in full. The financial hold will prevent all registration activity, delivering of transcripts, applying for graduation, and receiving a diploma.

Returned Payments

Student accounts are restricted from making electronic check payments or receiving e-Refunds after a student has received two returned electronic payment for R01- Insufficient Funds or has one returned payment or refund for any other return code by system default. Accounts are restricted by our system for six months and cannot be overridden by SSU.