Network Admission Control

Safe-Connect Network Access Control

Safe-Connect Network Access Control (NAC) is a network security system used to secure the campus wired and wireless networks through user authentication and policy-based traffic filtering and assessment. Safe-Connect NAC insures that only authorized students, faculty and staff gain access to our network and it provides policy assessment for every device by ensuring that computer systems meet established policy configuration requirements.

Installation is required for Windows and MacIntosh computers that are directly connected to the SSU network. Safe-Connect NAC performs the following validation checks:

Allowed Devices on Our Network

The following is a list of approved devices that can access the SSU network:

We highly recommend that you use a wired connection versus a wireless one for your gaming consoles in order to take advantage of higher connection speeds.

More Information

Registering Gaming Devices

When connecting a gaming device to the network, the MAC (Ethernet) address must be registered for proper operation. To register your device, perform the following process: