Student Quickstart Guide


General Resource Information (Web mail, D2L, PAWS, others) 

Asa H. Gordon Library Resources 

Virtual Lab (available to off-campus students)

Microsoft Office Suite

Adobe Creative Cloud

SPSS Statistics


Brightpace D2L

Using the Brightspace (D2L) Program

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment (video)

Accessing and managing your courses 

Questions about course content (Download and Print) 

Issues with Brightspace Email 

Unable to Login Where are my Online courses?


How can you access your discussions? 

How can you troubleshoot issues with your discussion post?



How to submit an assignment in Dropbox?

How to submit an assignment in Dropbox? (Video) 

Where can you obtain additional assistance? 

Questions about grades


How can you access your Quizzes and Feedback?

Reviewing Grades and Feedback (video) 

Introduction LockDown Browser (Video) 

Student Overview LockDown Browser (Video)

Respondus LockDown Browser (Secure online testing environment) 

Respondus LockDown Browser (Video) 

How do I take a Quiz/Test/Exam? (Video) 

How do I take a Test using LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor? (Video) Experiencing Issues with a Quiz

Instructional Software

SSU WebEx (Online Meeting) 

Skype (Online Meeting) -  Use as a secondary option. One drawback to Skype is problems viewing pdfs and PowerPoints on Apple mobile devices. Download Skype from