formerly Desire2Learn (D2L)


Using the Brightspace (D2L) Program

How do I log into D2L?

You can log into D2L from the top of any SSU webpage. Choose the Current Student tab then select eLearning and enter your username and password. (This is the same username and password you use for your SSU email). You can go directly to eLearning at this address:

How do I find my D2L username?

Go to eLearning Account Information page to find your eLearning username.

Why can't I logon?

  • If you are having difficulty logging into D2L due to password issues, go to Forgot Password or contact the SSU IT Help Desk at 912-358-4357, select option 1.
  • User is not a SSU instructor or student.
  • User is entering numbers on the numeric keypad but NumLock is not on.
  • Caps Lock is on (or not on). Remember, passwords are case-sensitive, e.g., PassWord is not the same as password or PASSWORD.
  • User is not in any courses that use D2L . In some cases you cannot logon to D2L until you have a D2L course for the current semester.
  • User includes spaces in their network password. Spaces might not be accepted by D2L even though they are accepted by our network. If you have spaces in your password and are experiencing problems logging in to D2L, change your network password.

Why can't I logon from home but I can logon when I'm on campus?

If you can logon from a campus computer but not from your home computer, the problem is with the setup of your home computer. The most likely issues are:**

  1. Cookies must be enabled or D2L will not work.
  2. Java scripting must be enabled or D2L will not work.
  3. The AutoComplete functionality with online forms can be problematic if the initial username and password were not correct. In IE7 Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> AutoComplete Settings, and uncheck Forms.
  4. Popups are used for some functionality in D2L, but blocking popups usually doesn't cause catastrophic problems. We recommend that browsers be set to allow popups from the D2L site.

**For help resolving any of these issues, please contact the SSU IT Help Desk at 912-358-4357, select option 1.

Why can't even get to the logon page from my home computer?

Another site might have placed a cookie on your computer to track your usage. The first thing to try is to delete all cookies. If that doesn't solve the problem, it likely is spyware or some other type of malware.

My classes are not showing up in D2L. Why?

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for D2L to be updated once you are officially registered for a course with the Registrar's Office. It is also possible that your instructor has not activated the course in D2L.

What is the maximum size video that I can upload to Brightspace?

Due to browser limitations, the maximum size file that can uploaded toBrightspace is 1.5GB.

Why can't I see more of a Content page?

In most cases content opens in its own frame with navigation on the left and the banner, etc on the top. Often documents opened in content will have a width wider than the frame. One solution is to open the document in a new window. To do so, open the document and click on the More Actions button. Choose Open in New Window from the menu.

Why can't I see some Content links?

Instructors often apply "conditional releases" to content files. Conditional release restricts access to only those students who meet the conditional criteria, e.g., students must have gotten at least an 80% on a test, must have read earlier content items, must have posted to a specific discussion topic, or all three. Any questions concerning conditional release should be referred to the instructor.

Why does it take forever to open a page in Content?

Word files can be quite large and PowerPoint files can be huge. Even after the best of efforts these files might be so large as to be impractical for dialup and even faster connections. The only recourse might be to download them from a campus computer and print them or save them to a thumbdrive or disc.

How can I open PDF files in an Adobe Acrobat window instead of the browser window?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the application that reads and displays PDF files. In most cases, Adobe opens PDF files in the same browser window. This arrangement restricts the menus and toolbars normally available in Adobe which limits the flexibility of Adobe. To get PDF files to open in a new Adobe Acrobat window go to the Edit menu in Adobe and select Preferences. Select the Internet tab and remove the checkmark at "Display PDF in browser." Save your changes.

What file types can I use in the Dropbox?

Microsoft Word is recommended for word processed files because it is most commonly used and installed on campus. Other word processing applications are acceptable. See your instructor with questions regarding file compatibility.

The Dropbox can also accept PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and other file types specified by the instructor. Be careful of web pages because they frequently include multiple files that are linked together.

How do I access the course materials?

Use the navigational tool bar along the top of your course homepage. The links located on this tool bar allow you to access materials within your course. Some tools that your instructor may be using include:
  • Content may include your course syllabus, reading material, or homework instructions.
  • Grades is where you can see your grades on assignments throughout the semester.
  • Dropbox is where you can submit electronic copies of your homework to your instructor.
  • Quizzes is where you can complete course quizzes or exams.

What are the eLearning communication rules?

Communication Rules for this Class
Communication Tool How I want you to use it.
My University email account Important! Do not contact me using my University email account for the duration of this course unless you have an emergency. If you need to contact me privately about non-emergency issues, please use the email account in this course.
My Response Time to You If you ask me direct questions in eLearning via email or the discussion areas, I will generally reply back within 24 hours. Weekends may take longer.
Emergencies If you have to contact me because of an emergency, you may use my email or phone number in the syllabus.
Communication in General Communication in an online environment takes special consideration. Do not use acronyms (text message abbreviations) unless they are understood by the recipient(s) of the message. Be careful what you say to someone in the discussion areas because everyone in the class will see it, and it cannot be retracted! Please be professional and abide by netiquette when talking to your classmates.

What is Netiquette?


Network Etiquette - Communication in an online class takes special consideration. Please read the short list of tips below.
  • Be sensitive and reflective to what others are saying.
  • Don't use all caps. It is the equivalent of screaming.
  • Don't flame - These are outbursts of extreme emotion or opinion.
  • Think before you hit the post (enter/reply) button. You can't take it back!
  • Don't use offensive language.
  • Use clear subject lines.
  • Don't use abbreviations or acronyms unless the entire class knows them.
  • Be forgiving. Anyone can make a mistake.
  • Keep the dialog collegial and professional.