How Do I....Buy Office Supplies?

The Georgia Department of Administrative Services has entered into a statewide contract with Staples for General Office Supplies, Paper and Toner. The contract offers:

Note: Purchases of furniture and computer equipment must NOT be made from this source (as there exist other statewide contracts for these items.)

Use of this contract should be a department's first source for office supplies. In the unlikely event that desired items are not found in the online catalog (link below), please send an email describing the needed purchase to

To assist the Office of Procurement with processing your e-Procurement requisitions for office supplies from Staples more quickly, a "Price Check Only" account has been created. This will give faculty/staff access to the Staples Statewide Contract website in order to see what is available on State Contract and the actual costs of such items. PLEASE DO NOT USE STAPLES.COM WEBSITE for pricing as using this website will delay processing time for an order since the prices have to be updated to reflect state contract pricing, and for goods not on state contract included on requisition comparable substitutes must be found, and/or alternate vendors located.


Staples Advantage Account

Click the following link:

The log-in information is as follows:

Company ID: 1581870ATL

User ID: SSU1

Password: Staples1

Additional user profiles have been established for StaplesLink to allow more users to access simultaneously for "price check".


User ID: SSU2

Password: ssu2

Note: These account is "For Price Check Only." Please do not attempt to place an order from these accounts.