Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the representative body responsible for faculty participation in university planning and governance. The responsibilities and by-laws of the faculty senate can be found in the Faculty Handbook.

Participation in the faculty governance process, on committees, in the Faculty Senate, etc., helps improve the university and protect faculty rights.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the elected leadership of the Faculty Senate and the channel of communication between the senate and the university administration. It consists of the vice chairperson, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, parliamentarian and logistics officer. Chairperson of Faculty Affairs Committee is non-voting member of Executive Committee. 

Current Officers

Cynthia Robinson Alexander, Executive Head, SSU Interim President

Philip Omunga, CLASS, Senate President, 2023-2025

Sue Ebanks, COST, Vice President, 2023-2024

Shetia Butler Lamar, COBA, Recording Secretary, 2023-2024

Marian Bell, CLASS, Parliamentarian, 2023-2024

Sherry Serdikoff, CLASS, Logistics Officer, 2023-2024

TBD, Faculty Affairs Chairperson


Past Officers

Kimberly Ballard-Washington, SSU President

Andrea L. Moore, COST, Senate President (formerly Vice-Chair), 2021-2023

Philip Omunga, CLASS, Recording Secretary, 2021-2023

Peggy Blood, CLASS, Corresponding Secretary, 2022-2023

Marian Bell, CLASS, Parliamentarian, 2022-2023

Shetia Butler-Lamar, COBA, Logistics Officer, 2021-2023

Sherry Serdikoff, CLASS, Faculty Affairs Chairperson, 2021-2023


Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate include: