New Programs and Curriculum Committee (NPCC)

Welcome to the New Programs and Curriculum Committee (NPCC) home page. The NPCC consists of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Deans of the degree granting units, the Registrar and six (6) faculty members from degree granting units of the University who are appointed by the Faculty Senate each May.

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Committee Members

Representing the Office of Academic Affairs:

Dr. Kimberly Holmes, Interim Provost and Associate Vice President

Dr. Julius Scipio, Interim Associate Provost and Associate Vice President

Representing the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS):

Dr. Robert "Bob" Smith, Dean

Dr. Michael Lewis - Liberal Arts

Mr. Nicholas Silberg - Liberal Arts

Representing the College of Business Administration (COBA):

Dr. Mostafa Sarhan, Dean

Dr. Reginald Leseane, Associate Dean

Dr. Anshu Arora - Marketing

Dr. Yonpae Park - Accounting

Representing the College of Sciences and Technology (COST):

Dr. Cecil Jones - Chemistry

Dr. Hyounkyun Oh - Mathematics

Representing the School of Teacher Education (SOTE):

Dr. Marshalita Sims Peterson, Interim Dean

Dr. Keenya Mosley - Education

Representing the Office of Graduate Studies):

Dr. Nat Hardy, Director

Representing the Office of the Registrar:

Ms. Wendy Merkousko, Registrar

Ex-Officio Members:

Ms. Mary Ann Goldwire, Interim Director, Center for Academic Success

Calendar of Events

Meetings are held at least twice per semester and are called at the discretion of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs or his designee. Meetings are held in the Colston Conference Room.

   Fall 2013 Meeting Dates                  Spring 2014 Meeting Dates

        November 12                                            Coming Soon

Agendas and Minutes


Meeting Date



November 12, 2013








Meeting Date

Agenda Item



School of Teacher Education

BIED 4416 - Teaching in Biology

BIED 4417 - Methods & Classroom Management

EDUC 2000 - Educational Technology

EDUC 3030 - Exploring Exceptional Learner

EDUC 3200 - Curriculum and Assessment

EDUC 4475 - Student Teaching & Seminar

ETED 3000 - Introducation to Engineering & Technology Education

ETED 3104 - Engineering Technology Education Laboratory

ETED 3601 - Engineering Technology Education Classroom

ETED 4416 - Teaching of Technology & Engineering Education

ETED 4417 - Methods & Classroom Management in Technology Education

MAED 4416 - Teaching in Mathematics

MAED 4417 - Methods & Classroom Management




College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

ENGL 2322 - Imaginative Writing

ENGL 3430 - Literary Editing, Publishing & Marketing

ENGL 3620 - Introduction to Digital Storytelling

ENGL/THEA 3105 - Introduction to Playwriting

ENGL/THEA 4105 - Advanced Playwriting

ENGL 4415 - Advanced Technical Writing


College of Sciences and Technology

Curriculum changes for the Associate of Science Degree with concentration in General Technology Studies

Curriculum changes for the RETP (Regents' Engineering Transfer Program) grid sheets



Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies formal proposal

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies summary sheet


Proposal Forms

Please use the forms below to submit proposals to the NPCC (Graduate Council forms can be obtained by contacting Mrs. Latasha Holliman or Dr. Nat Hardy ). Instructions on NPCC proposal submission can by viewed in the NPCC Protocol for Proposal Submission.

Title and Description
Summary Page (needed for ALL NPCC submissions)
Course Addition Page (add a new course)
Course Deletion Page (delete an existing course)
Course Change Page (change an existing course)
Program Change Page (change an existing program)

Contact Us

For questions or additional information, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 912-358-4190 or email us