1. What is the purpose of the ACCUPLACER admission/placement testing?

The purpose of the ACCUPLACER admission/placement test is to evaluate incoming students skill level in English, Reading and Math. This is an important test because it determines acceptance and/or course placement.

2. How do I know if I am eligible for the ACCUPLACER test?

The Office of Admissions will review admission applications and determine eligibility of the ACCUPLACER Test (and specific tests needed) through electronic communication to applicant/student.  This information will be based on minimum requirements for acceptance.

3. How do I register for the ACCUPLACER test?

Please use the online registration portal at www.registerblast.com/ssu (to test in Savannah) or visit the main Testing Center webpage for information on remote (location outside of Savannah) test registrations.

4. How do I register for the following tests?

6. How do I register for a test (e.g. Chemistry, CLEP, proctored test, etc.)?

Please use the online registration portal at www.registerblast.com or visit the main Testing Center webpage. Dates available will be highlighted.

7. What is the CLEP Exam and when is it administered?

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) allows students to gain credit for course(s) by examination. Each student at Savannah State University may receive up to 30 semester credit hours utilizing credit by exam such as the CLEP or similar credit granting test/process. The CLEP test is offered the third and fourth Wednesday of each month.  Contact the Testing Office (912) 358-4487 for more information. Seats are limited, so reserve your seat at least two weeks in advance: www.registerblast.com/ssu.

9. What if I have a disability and require special accommodations?

Contact the Counseling & Disabilities Center at (912) 358-3115 for more information.

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