Faculty Request for Proctored Tests

The Testing Center at Savannah State University works collaboratively with faculty in providing professional test proctoring services to students enrolled in fully online courses. The use of proctoring services is to ensure the integrity and security of exams in a secure environment. Savannah State University's Testing Office is an NCTA Certified Test Center, a member of the National College Testing Association (NCTA) and the Georgia College Testing Association (GCTA) and adheres to its professional standards. Faculty and students utilizing the Testing Center must review and adhere to the SSU Test Center Rules and academic policies governed by the University. The Testing Center does not proctor exams for traditional (or hybrid) face-to-face classes.

SSU faculty who wish to utilize SSU Testing Center's proctoring services must enroll in the Online Professor Portal. This online system is used to submit pertinent information and materials for a successful test session: class number/title, class roster, testing windows/deadlines, prohibited and allowed items, maximum time allowed, specific test instructions, etc. Therefore, it is important that all information for test proctoring be submitted in a timely manner at the beginning of each semester. Once all information is received, the Testing Center will update information in the online student registration system for timely test scheduling/registration by students.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All pertinent information must be submitted in the online Professor Portal as per the chart below. The testing window should be set firm to prevent confusion, frustration and unnecessary test scheduling conflicts.





(No Later Than)

Mini-semester (8-week)
First week of course/or semester
Full Semester (15-week)
First 1-2 weeks of course/or semester



Utilizing the Professor Portal will allow faculty to make necessary updates, revisions and test submissions for all future tests. It will also provide a list of students who have registered for the course.This feature will be helpful in communicating to students that need to register for tests in a timely manner to meet appropriate deadlines. It will also show students who were a "no show" and those who completed tests. For more information, please review the Faculty Frequently Asked Questions document.

SUBMISSION OF TEST INFORMATION IS EASY--choose one of the options below.

  1. Use the link below if you are new to the Professor Portal set-up. First-time faculty will set up a log-in information to use each semester.


    Once a faculty member receives confirmation of professor portal set-up, the same log-in information will be used to access the "Returning Faculty" portal. DO NOT use the New Faculty Portal after set-up is completed.  If you have issues, notify the Testing Center staff at testing@savannahstate.edu.


  2. NEW FACULTY ONLY - ENROLL TODAY (Never Logged In?): Professor Portal for New Faculty


  3. Use the link below only if you have completed your initial account set-up and are returning to the Professor Portal. You may update/or add additional tests, testing windows, and other relevant test information. DO NOT USE the New Faculty Enrollment Portal or create a new log in if you have done so already. Click forgot password to reset your login.

RETURNING FACULTY (Already Have Log in?): Professor Portal for Returning Faculty ONLY


We depend on faculty to help us facilitate a smooth and professional testing process from start to finish. Therefore, we ask that faculty utilize the Faculty Checklist for Proctored Tests as guidance and provide the following:

For more information, please email testing@savannahstate.edu.