ACT Residual Test

ACT Residual & Eligibility

SSU administers both the ACT National Test and the ACT Residual Test. Both tests are essentially the same, but have different policies and procedures. To review the policies and register for the ACT National test, please go to

Review the information below for the ACT Residual Test.ACT Residual Logo

The ACT Residual Test is given only to eligible students who:

In addition, the ACT Residual Test:

NOTE: SSU Dual enrollment applicants are highly encouraged to take the ACT National Tests ( prior to the dual enrollment application deadlines for SSU. However, the ACT Residual Test is available to applicants who missed the national test dates and need to test/or retest prior to the dual enrollment deadline.

Test Accommodations

Test accommodations for examinees with disabilities must be requested, reviewed and approved prior to testing. The request with appropriate documentation should be submitted at least 2-3 weeks prior to the test date through the Office of Disability Services with required documentation. For more information on the process for approval contact the Disabilities Resource Center at 912.358.3115.  


The ACT Residual Test is a paper-based test and takes approximately 3 ½ - 4 hours. The test consists of four (4) timed multiple-choice sections – English, Math, Reading, and Scientific Reasoning. It is offered several times throughout the year (with the exception of October and national test dates). The ACT Residual Test with Essay option is not offered at Savannah State University. The cost is $50 at the time of registration.

Test Dates & Registration


Pre-registration and payment of test fees ($55 - effective October 2019-September 2020) are simple and easy. Go to (Click “Register for Exam”) and follow the prompts to complete registration timely. Test candidates must be eligible to take the ACT Residual Test prior to test registration/payment. You are encouraged to register at least 24-48 hours in advance of the test date to confirm eligibility and seat availability.  

Test Day

Late arrivals will not be admitted and should expect to reschedule for the next available test date. Any refund requests will be minus processing fees.

Test Scores


Test candidates must wait 60 days before retaking the Residual ACT, but may take the National ACT when available. Retests prior to 60 days will be voided without refund.


Study guides for the ACT Test are available at most bookstores and libraries. Additional preparation information may be found on the official ACT website:

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers as you prepare to take the ACT Residual Test.