Proctoring Services

Proctoring services are available at Savannah State University (SSU) during regularly scheduled testing sessions. A proctored exam is an exam that is administered by an individual who supervises the student while they are taking the exam. The use of proctoring services is to ensure the integrity and security of the exam in a secure environment. SSU is a member of the National College Testing Consortium which provides proctoring services for SSU students enrolled in online courses and students attending other colleges and universities (non-SSU students). Institutions across the nation utilize SSU as a testing site.
SSU fully-online students needing this service should schedule their free test appointment as soon as possible using the online registration system: or visit (click "Register for Exam.").


Students taking eCore classes must register and take at least one proctored exam for each eCore course enrolled.  Registration for eCore proctored exams must be completed through the student's GOVIEW account. Students should login to their eCore class in GOVIEW, then click Assessments, click Proctored Exams and follow steps to register timely for all tests. There is no cost to SSU students testing at the SSU Testing Center in Hubert Bldg. A, room 114. SSU students may be required to pay a proctored test fee at other test centers.  Non-SSU students will pay $20 for each test taken at the SSU Testing Center through   For more information about eCore classes and requirements please visit: students must register here.
All students utilizing SSU Proctoring Services must review and adhere to SSU Test Center Rules and/or rules governed by the home institution.
Looking for a test center outside of the Savannah area? Click here to find other college testing centers.
proctor u
Students may utilize Proctor U, an organization that offers secure, live and automated online proctoring services  at anytime and anywhere. Students should consult with the professor of record for approval prior to scheduling an exam through ProctorU. For more information on Proctor U services visit the official site:

Non-SSU students

Students who are taking independent study or online classes at other institutions may elect to have their exams administered at SSU. The sponsoring school or company must send exams directly to the Testing Office. Included with the exam should be any instructions for the test proctor and necessary forms to be completed and returned. The sponsoring school will determine allotted time (or maximum time limits) and special test conditions. No calculators, notes or books will be allowed unless specified by the sponsoring institution. The cost is $20 per hour. This cost is calculated using the time allotted by the sponsoring school (i.e. If time allotted for test is 1 hour 30 minutes, the total cost is $40.)

All students, regardless of institution, must adhere to the following: 

SSU faculty proctored exam request