Associate Degrees

The College offers Associate of Science Degrees with options in:

SSU offers the Associate of Science in Engineering Studies as part of the Regents Engineering Pathway Program (REPP) allowing the student to transfer to any Georgia Engineering School (Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Georgia, Georgia Southern University, Mercer University and Kennesaw State University) and out of state as well. Moreover, this two-year program covers any kind of Engineering; that is, the student can choose the field of engineering he/she wishes to pursue (Aerospace, Civil, Chemical (organic chemistry is recommended before transferring), Electrical, Computer, Mechanical, Industrial) while transferring. The program might take more than two years depending on the students' preparation in the area of Mathematics and Science.

The Associate Degree in General Technology program at SSU will allow the students to transfer to an Engineering Technology program of any other institution in the state of Georgia or Beyond. After completing the Associate degree, students can pursue a Bachelor degree in Engineering Technology in the area of their interest by taking the core courses.

The Associate Degree in Physics program at SSU will stimulate students interests in applied physics and will enable them to pursue higher education in physics or engineering. Upon the completion of the associate degree students will be able to transfer to another college or university in the state of Georgia or Beyond that offers a Bachelor Degree in Physics. Students will use the resources available in the Engineering Technology department to prepare them to apply their knowledge and creativity to real life problems.