Film at Savannah State University


Institutional Information  

Savannah State University is a member of the Georgia Film Consortium (GFC). The Georgia Film Academy (GFA) supports the GFC, which is a unique-in-the-nation, state-wide collaboration of institutions of the University System of Georgia, Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), and Independent institutions that offer professional courses in film, television, digital entertainment, Esports, and game development.  

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General Information about the GFA 

The Georgia Film Academy is a professional organization, a unit of the University System of Georgia, which is committed to leading and advancing the entertainment arts industry and its workforce in Georgia. The GFA promotes rigorous professional training and supports opportunities for union-covered film and television production craft internships and placement in creative industries, apprenticeships, and jobs in an effort to build a permanent and sustainable industry in the state.  

On behalf of the USG, TCSG, and their institutions, as well as private higher education institutions in Georgia that choose to use its resources, the GFA is dedicated to the development of both Georgia’s workforce and the industry which will utilize it. As a student in the Savannah State University’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, you’ll have the opportunity to:  

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Current Course Offerings Through the Georgia Film Consortium  

Fall 2023  


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SSU Film Certificate 

Alternatively, students may opt to pursue the SSU FIlm certificate instead, which combines SSU and GFA courses. 

SSU Film Certificate Grid
Course Credit Hours
COMM 4815: Documentary 3
Any GFA Course. Only one course can be 1000-level.  6
Any GFA Course. Only one course can be 1000-level.  6