Office of Assessment

The Office of Assessment is a resource for faculty and departments at Savannah State University providing support, coordination, and resources to assist in assessing student learning, service delivery and program outcomes. The Office assists in the systematic collection, review, and use of information about academic programs and non-academic units undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and of supporting decision-making at the University.

Assessment Documents

2018-2019 Assessment Activities

Non-Academic Units

Non-Academic Unit Assessment Cycle

2017-2018 SDO Assessment Plan

2017-2018 SDO Assessment Plan - Example

2017-2018 PO Assessment Plan

2017-2018 PO Assessment Plan - Example

Program Outcome Considerations

Developing Assessment Plans for Non-Academic Units

Non-Academic Units Assessment FAQs

SSU Assessment Expectations for Non-Academic Units

Tips for Writing Non-Academic Assessment Plans

Academic Units

AVP Assessment Presentation May2018

Formstack: Individual Faculty Member's Semester Assessment Plan - start of semester

 Instructions for Submitting Individual Faculty Assessment Data_AY2017-2018 

Formstack: General Education Assignment (Re)Design

2017-2018 PLSO Assessment Plan

2017-2018 PLSO Assessment Plan - example

2017-2018 PO Assessment Plan

2017-2018 PO Assessment Plan - Example 

Academic Program Outcome Considerations