Marine Sciences

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The Marine Sciences Program at Savannah State University provides research, education and outreach programs which contribute to a vital, technically-qualified, intellectually-thoughtful and ethnically-diverse community of individuals capable of creatively solving problems and answering questions related to coastal and ocean ecosystem health, environmental quality and fisheries sustainability.

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SSU Compared to National Data


Black graduates represent approximately 2% of all degrees in Marine Sciences earned from 2002-2017. This includes IPEDS data for the fields of Aquatic Biology, Fisheries, Marine Bio/Bio Ocean, and Marine Science combined. While this is a dismal statistic, SSU is doing its part to increase this percentage and is #1 nationally in doing so.


Nationally, based on the 2014 U.S. Census, 36% of all STEM bachelor’s graduates were employed in STEM fields (Xue and Larson, 2015).  As of September 2023, 71% of SSU BS graduates in Marine Science have reported STEM employment post-graduation.  For our MS graduates, that increases to 96%. 


Some Reflections on the Origin, Challenges and Contributions of Marine Science Degree Programs at Savannah State University

by Matthew R. Gilligan, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences, Savannah State University, October 2017