Cadet Training

Physical Training (PT)

The Eagle Battalion conducts physical training 3 times a week, every week throughout the semester from 6:30AM until 7:30AM. Those involved with Ranger Challenge often work out 4days of the week, as a certain higher level of physical fitness is required for the events which they are involved.

Airborne Training

Jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Airborne Website

Air Assault School

Learn to identify aircraft and their capabilities, conduct slingload operations, and rappel from helicopters. Air Assault Website

Leaders Training Course

The Leader's Training Course is the Army's 2-year ROTC Program entry point. Through the Leader's Training Course , students without ROTC Basic Course experience can examine the Army without incurring an obligation, and qualify for Advanced Course entry. The Army observes these students and determines their officer potential in a leadership oriented, challenging, and motivating 5-week training program at Fort Knox, Kentucky. LTC Website

Leadership Development and Assessment Course

The Leader Development and Assessment Course , conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky, provides the best possible, professional training and evaluation for all cadets. Set this same example for cadets in all aspects of camp life, administration and logistical support. Although the camp mission includes continued training and leadership development, the primary focus at camp is to evaluate each cadet's officer potential. This camp represents the only opportunity for this command to gather all cadets on one "level playing field" for the purposes of making this assessment as accurately and as professionally as possible.

LDAC, is the most important training event for an Army ROTC cadet. Cadets attend this camp during the summer prior to their final year of study. The 32-day training event incorporates a wide range of subjects designed to develop and evaluate leadership ability. The challenges are rigorous and demanding, both mentally and physically. LDAC tests intelligence, common sense, ingenuity and stamina. These challenges provide a new perspective on an individual's ability to perform exacting tasks and to make difficult decisions in demanding situations.

Ranger Challenge

Our best cadets volunteer for Ranger Challenge and take their college and ROTC experience to a whole new level. With their own separate and physical training regime they compete to be the best of the best. After team tryouts, the top cadets from the Eagle Battalion travel to the Regional Ranger Challenge Competition. There they compete with fellow cadets from other ARMY ROTC programs from schools all over the eastern United States.

All cadets are eligible to try out for the team, both men and woman, scholarship and non scholarship cadets in all years of Military Science.

The most fundamental qualities required to be on the Ranger Challenge team are desire, commitment to the team, and most importantly, the willingness to go further then you ever thought you could.

Nurse Summer Training Program

The NSTP is a paid three-to-four week clinical elective for Army ROTC nurse cadets. Attendance is voluntary. Our affiliated nursing school awards academic credit for this program.

This elective is conducted at Army hospitals in the United States, Germany and Korea. You get paid while attending NSTP during the same summer as Advanced Camp, which is usually between the Junior and Senior year of college.

During the NSTP clinical elective, you will receive "hands on" experience under the direct supervision of a preceptor -- an Army Nurse Corps officer who works with you one-on-one. Regular coaching sessions enhances your progress, while also providing feedback about your performance.

While you follow the same duty schedule as your preceptor, you could receive training in such areas as