Do I have to go to "Boot Camp" or is ROTC like "Boot Camp"?

No. Officers in the United States Army are not required to go to basic training, nor is the ROTC program designed to be like boot camp. Basic military and soldier skills are taught in classroom and situational settings while Cadets are attending college.

Is ROTC just like JROTC?

No. ROTC in college operates at the college level and involves more leadership fundamentals and development. Additionally, ROTC college Cadets must be capable of demonstrating basic soldier skills.

What is the difference between an Army Officer and Army Enlisted?

Officers in the Army are managers, so to speak. Whereas enlisted personnel are experts in any given field, Officers are experts in soldier management. Ultimately, Officers are bound with the responsibility to care for, train, counsel, and develop soldiers.

Will I deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan while in ROTC?

No. Cadets are a non-deployable asset.

If I take ROTC classes do I have to join the Army?

No. Students may take any of the Military Science courses offered by ROTC without incurring military obligation. However, that option is available to students that qualify for the scholarship or students that wish to receive a commission in the Army.

Why Should I join the Army through the ROTC program?

The Army is composed of seventeen different branches offering a wide opportunity for a career possibilities. In addition, the leadership training an Army Officer receives is quite possibly the best in the Nation, which makes an Army Officer very appealing to a corporate world. In addition, while serving in the United States Army as an Officer, all Military benefits and pay apply. Finally, it shows great respect and courage for those who decide to serve their country; the Army ROTC program is a way in which those qualified can do just that.