Faculty Research Programs & Labs

Grant programs at SSU support basic research, community service, student scholarships and internships, curriculum development, and lab equipment/instrumentation. Highlights include: 

*Denotes projects that support undergraduates in research training. **Denotes projects that support both undergraduate and high school students in research or other training.  For more information, contact the PI (principal investigator).

Basic Research

Biology*.   Dr. Takayuki Nitta is conducting virology research for his 3 year $299,961 NSF RIA grant,"Mechanisms of Interaction of Glyco-gag with Restriction Factors."  His research aims to clarify how glyco-gag functions in viral replication, and to advance knowledge on fundamental aspects of innate immunity and host-virus coevolution. For more information, contact Dr. Nitta.

Marine Science*: Dr. Amanda Kaltenberg, Marine Sciences, is conducting research on the influence of Gulf Stream physical interactions on biology off the North Carolina coast in her 3 year $282,106 NSF-funded Research Initiation Award (RIA) grant "Physical Forces Impacting the Temporal Variability of Mesopelagic Prey at the Cape Hatteras Marine top-Predator Diversity Hotspot."   For more information, contact Dr. Kaltenberg.

Chemistry**: Dr. Kai Shen, Chemistry and Forensic Science, has 4 active funded research projects: 

For more information, contact Dr. Shen.

Chemistry**: Dr. Pascal Binda, Chemistry, has a 3 year $332,633 DOD grant to develop a cross-linkable biodegradable polyester using a lanthanide catalytic system.  Dr. Binda's research in cross-linking polymers has potential applications for military and civilian use by developing "smart" materials that can withstand high compression forces and extension and still retain their shape.  For more information, contact Dr. Binda.

Engineering Technology:  Dr. Paramasivam Sivapatham has a 3 year $208,615 contract with the University of the West Indies to analyze and develop strategies for mitigation of cadmium in cocoa. For more information, contact Dr. Sivapatham.

Curriculum Development

New curriculum is being developed to prepare SSU graduates with competencies needed for data-driven marketplace.

Mathematics*:  Dr. Agegnehu Atena, Mathematics, is promoting the minor in Applied Mathematics program at SSU through a 3 year $399,972 NSF-funded HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project (TIP) grant.  The minor in Applied Math was offered beginning with the Fall 2017 semester. It is available for all academic majors at SSU that meet the necessary prerequisites.  Students who declare the minor are eligible for research internships/scholarships that provide financial support and provide applied math research training.  To declare the minor or for more information, contact Dr. Atena.

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Data Analytics*: Dr. Suman Niranjan, College of Business Administration, is developing a certificate in data analytics through a 3 year $399,974 NSF HBCU-UP TIP grant.  For more information, contact Dr. Niranjan.

Interdisciplinary Transportation Studies**:  Dr. Jonathan Lambright, Professor, Engineering Technology, has developed a new certificate program in interdisciplinary transportation studies/logistics through a 3 year $477,824 NSF HBCU-UP TIP grant.  SSU students began enrolling in the new certificate program beginning with the Spring 2017 semester. The program will support SSU students to pursue jobs in the high-demand logistics field including with local employers such as the Georgia Ports Authority.  To enroll or for more information, contact Dr. Lambright.

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Lab Equipment/Instrumentation Grants

Biology:  Dr. Takayuki Nitta has received a $360,438 grant from the US Army HBCU REP program to fund acquisition of laser confocal microscope. For more information, contact Dr. Nitta.

Chemistry:  Dr. Pascal Binda has received a $218,497 grant from the DOD Army Research Office for the acquisition of a dynamic mechanical analyzer and an EcoSEC GPC, to be used for polymer and materials characterization. For more information, contact Dr. Binda.

Chemistry:  Dr. Kai Shen has received a $331,997 grant from the DOD Army Research Office for the acquisition of a Raman Microscope for interdisciplinary research and training.  For more information, contact Dr. Shen.

Community Service Programs

Substance Abuse/HIV Outreach: Dr. Linda Samuel, Social Work, has a 3 year $852,790 grant from the HHS Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for the "Know to Live" Project. The goal of this project is to prevent and reduce substance abuse and the transmission of HIV and hepatitis among at-risk African-American young adults aged 18-24 at SSU and in the Savannah community. For more information, contact Dr. Samuel.

Scholarships, Research Training Programs, & K-12 Support

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