Amanda Kaltenberg

Amanda Kaltenberg

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Marine and Environmental Sciences, Graduate Studies
Discipline: Marine Sciences
Office: Marine Science Research Building Rm. 107B
Phone: 912.358.3304
Fax: 912.358.3543


My research interests are in the interactions among marine organisms and their environment. Especially in the present time of ever increasing human impacts on Earth and our oceans, understanding how ecosystems respond to changes in the physical setting hold many significant questions. In the SSU Coastal Oceanography Lab, we are studying the dynamics of the coastal environment on marine organisms. We are fortunate to be located on a productive saltmarsh ecosystem that is a wonderful opportunity to explore the interactions among the highly dynamic physics of the coastal ocean and fish, marine mammals, and plankton groups that live or migrate through here. One of our big questions is how do zooplankton and small fish manage in the persistent river flows and tidal currents of coastal systems. We use a variety of research tools that allow us to visualize biological distribution patterns synoptically with the physical habitat. Bioacoustics provide a powerful tool to quantify marine organisms over multiple trophic levels to either spatially map biological distributions or record long time-series from a fixed point to tell us about the temporal patterns of their distributions. Then we will begin to address the effects of changes to habitat and climate.

Research Interests

Coastal Oceanography, Bio-acoustical Oceanography, Fisheries


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Awards & Honors

Name: Year-end one time funding award
Organization: Savannah State University
Date: 4/23/2014
This award provided support to initiate research on the bio-physical interactions of the Georgia coastal shelf. The award resulted in a proposal collaboration with Skidaway Institute of Oceanography that was submitted to the National Science Foundation.

Name: President's Faculty Mini-Grant Initiative
Organization: Savannah State University
Date: 4/1/2014
This award was for the purchase of 2 iPads to enhance technology in teaching. The iPads were used for hands-on demonstrations in Coastal Oceanography course as well as future courses.


Title: Biophysical interactions in the plankton: A cross-scale review
Publication Date: 1/1/2012
Publisher: Limnology and Oceanography: Fluids and Environments
Volume: 2
Page Number: 121-145
Type: Manuscript
Authors: Jennifer C Prairie, Kerry J Nickols, Kelly R Sutherland, Amanda May Kaltenberg,