Kennedy Fine Arts Building

SSU Campus Community Garden

The Community Garden at Savannah State University is a place for students, faculty, and staff members to come together to meet new people, grow healthy foods, and enjoy a peaceful respite from day-to-day stresses.  Through the development of this garden we hope to engage students and our campus community with hands-on learning experiences with gardening. We offer 8’x8’ plots that will be used to grow vegetables and fruit. We want everyone involved to learn the importance of knowing where the food they eat comes from and what chemicals have been used in the growing process. We also see the garden as a means for some of our students who face food insecurities to be able to grow healthy foods affordably.

We also will begin offering an elective course to students that will be open to the broader community utilizing the community science model. We will be bringing people together to learn more about gardening, from traditional and raised beds to aquaponics and soil-less growing. As well as bringing an apiary online that will round out our goal to demonstrate ways we benefit from a green economy. We want to show what individuals can do to maintain sustainable development without causing further harm to the environment