Kennedy Fine Arts Building

Garden Details

The Community Garden offers a great way to learn more about gardening. Put your green thumbs to work in creating beautiful and bountiful harvests that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The garden will serve as a living laboratory and collaborative space for green learning, hands-on experience in growing your own food, and community engagement. The garden provides a unique meeting space on campus that encourages relationship building and closer connections with nature.

Season Details and Logistics

Please read the following details carefully before submitting the Plot Request Form.


You are required to clean-up your plot at the end of each growing season. Stay tuned for more details about when and how.

Plot Size

Student plots will be 8'x 8'. Students are strongly encouraged to share a student plot with 2 or more students.


We ask that community gardeners help maintain the pathways surrounding their plots. Student gardeners may assist with this by lining the main pathways of the garden with mulch.


There are a few tools provided to gardeners. You may need to bring some of your own.


This year, providing that we can, we will have a few community events to grow community. We request that you try to attend at least one. These events will be work days in the garden or even mini potlucks to use up the surplus of zucchini that we are all bound to have. More information will be sent out later in regards to these events

Policies and Procedures/Waiver of Liability

Be sure to read Policies and Procedures and the Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement carefully before applying for a community garden plot.