NROTC Scholarship Options

There are four scholarship opportunities for Savannah State University students, and two scholarship opportunities for Georgia Southern University – Armstrong Campus students.

I. Four-Year National NROTC Scholarship (SSU and GSU-AC Eligible) 

Available to high school juniors and seniors applying to any university that hosts an NROTC Unit. These scholarships are awarded to qualified high school seniors seeking to earn a commission in the United States Navy or Marine Corps.

The national screening process for this scholarship is online and highly competitive.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is December 31 of each year. Interested students are encouraged to apply early in their senior year of high school. 

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II. Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Reservation (MSISR) (Navy-Option and SSU Eligible)

Exclusively offered to students applying or are enrolled at a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) like Savannah State University. Application is the same as the National Scholarship - just make sure to mark on your application that you are interesting in attending a Minority-Serving Institution or "MSI".Students interested in becoming a Marine Officer, not awarded a scholarship in March or missed the 31 December deadline may apply to the rolling selection board. E-mail for more information.Click here to begin the application process.


III. Side-Load National NROTC Scholarship (SSU and GSU-AC Eligible) 

Boards compete nationally and the number of available scholarships varies by year.

Only NROTC College Program – Basic Students who receive a favorable endorsement from the Professor of Naval Science are eligible to apply for National Side-Load Scholarships.


IV. NROTC Preparatory Program (NPP) Scholarship (SSU Only) 

The SSU NPP Scholarship provides applicants with a unique opportunity to earn a commission into the United States Navy. This scholarship provides an extra year of academics and military orientation focused on preparing students for success within the NROTC program. During the student’s preparatory year, Savannah State University will apply a $10,000 scholarship towards tuition. SSU NPP Scholarship students are enrolled in the unit as College Program – Basic Students during their freshman year. The Naval Service Training Command will award an MSISR Scholarship to preparatory students who successfully complete the program and are endorsed by the Professor of Naval Science. The SSU NPP requirements are as follows:

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