Leadership Development Center

Student learning and development are the cornerstones for attending college. Learning and development occur both inside and outside the classroom settings. The courses a student take helps him or her acquire knowledge and skills, think analytically and logically, and acquire specialized learning applicable to a specific job or vocation. Other important facets of learning and development occur outside the classroom. One that is of particular importance is the development of leadership skills. The Center for Leadership and Character Development is a laboratory for the study and contemplation of leadership development. The hearthstone of the Centers' vision is the focus on preparing students to become principled students and citizens. Through its programs and services, the Center seeks to help the University not merely graduate students prepared for the complex world, but graduate leaders prepared to change the complex world.


King-Frazier Complex
Suite 247
Telephone: (912) 358.3118
Fax: (912) 358.3159

Bonita Bradley, Assistant Vice President
Office of Student Affairs
Email: bradleyb@savannahstate.edu