SSU Staff Council

Message From the Chair

Malinda Williams

As the Staff Council Chair, my goal is to work to ensure that staff employees work in a respectful atmosphere, with opportunities for personal and professional growth, while developing means to support the mission of Savannah State University. Using my education, experience and fortitude, I will listen to individuals, be approachable, promote programs, be enthusiastic and exhibit the leadership you have elected me to provide.

During my tenure, my pledge to you is to improve conditions for staff and the University as a whole by linking different departments, business units, and individuals together to complete a common goal. By offering programs from Well Being, to Personal and Professional Development to Employee Engagement, I will strive to make a positive impact for our campus. It is important to have a place to share insight and advice on decisions that affect our staff.

I will ensure that your Staff Council acts in an advisory capacity to the President’s Cabinet and support the endeavors of the Office of Human Resources. Our mission is clear, “We endeavor to strengthen our staff, seek solutions that fosters unity and growth; and promote a more excellent way of working”. ©

I am honored and excited to serve as the 2018-19 Chair of the Staff Council. I thank each of you for believing in me, and I believe in each of you. We are planning an awesome year of events and activities that I ask that you make plans to attend, participate and get involved.


MaLinda Williams


The Staff Council is responsible for the advancement of its members and the exchange of information that will maintain a strong communication link between staff members and the Administration

2018-19 Priorities

  1. Represent to interest of staff member by establishing advocacy plans that serve to communicate the topics of concern.
  2. Expand our methods of community outreach through programs and events that will help to shape and support the staff members of the campus and local/state constituents.
  3. Collect, respond to and relay matters to the Administration to ensure equality.