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    College of Sciences & Technology (COST)


    The mission of College of Sciences and Technology is to deliver high quality education, scholarship and research in sciences, mathematics, engineering and technology. The College is committed to equipping our students with the knowledge and skill set in sciences and technology necessary to assist in enabling the region and nation to excel with a competitive edge. The College of Science and Technology at Savannah State University is also committed to instilling within our students values associated with human well-being, environmental quality and responsible citizenship.

    Our programs are designed to provide our students with a combination of fundamental knowledge and lifelong learning skills that will prepare them for a successful career in their chosen field. Our curricula gives students the necessary practical skills so that they can be productive from their very first day on the job. In the College of Sciences and Technology, we pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching and research. An aggressive emphasis on teaching is one of the strengths found in all of the programs offered by the College. While research is important, our faculty members have as their primary objective the sharing of their knowledge and expertise with students. The faculty members are dedicated to teaching and they work together to provide an exceptional nurturing educational environment to make the overall undergraduate experience a positive one. As a College, we ensure that our faculty have the technological resources and expertise to create the most effective learning environment for our students.

    We encourage our students to aim high and to have ambitious goals and aspirations. The curricula are rigorous; but our students succeed because of high quality teaching, advisement, individualized attention, and extensive faculty-student interaction in an environment conducive to learning. Class sizes are small and the faculty members are ready and eager to assist the students in developing their full potential.

    Research Program

    The COST research program is organized to enable and support the pursuit of knowledge by faculty and students in all areas of sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The goal is to contribute to the body of knowledge in STEM, and interactions of these fields with society in order to help keep the nation at the leading edge of STEM advancement.

    To achieve this goal, students and faculty conduct research on and off campus, including collaborations with U.S. and international research universities and laboratories. Research activities also contribute to the educational enrichment of students involved in scientific investigation as undergraduate research trainees and help strengthen pedagogy within COST. As part of this research program, students are routinely placed in research-1 institutions and national laboratories for internships after receiving research training on campus and within the curriculum. 

    COST spares no effort in providing faculty and students have adequate infrastructure needed to conduct scientific investigation. The byproducts of the COST's research efforts contribute to the health of the national economy, a better understanding of the universe and the development of capable minds for technology and scientific enhancement.

    Contact Us

    For more information on any of our programs, or general questions for the Dean of COST, please contact our Coordinator for Administrative Services, Mrs. Holly Sparks, at 912-358-3270 or