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Computer Information Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain (CILS)

The Computer Information Systems, Logistics, & Supply Chain (CILS) degree program is designed to introduce students to cutting edge technology including a variety of systems, programming languages, data analytics tools and methodologies, and FinTech approaches preparing students for industry professions and future careers. Faculty and students will engage in research and test new technology while working to improve existing technology and industry practices.

Savannah State University is uniquely positioned in the port city of Savannah, GA providing opportunities for CILS students to engage in experiential learning through practical projects allowing them to apply what they are learning in the classroom. CILS students will be prepared to contribute relevant expertise to the community, small businesses, and entrepreneurs helping to promote the awareness and application of innovative technology that will support economic growth and development.

Careers in Computer Information Systems, Logistics, & Supply Chain (CILS) include computer information systems, logistics, supply chain management, international business, and commerce and trade.

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