CLASS Grade Appeal and Grievance Process

Students at Savannah State University who take clasess in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and who believe they have been treated unfairly with respect to academic matters or other issues with CLASS personnel, may initiate and pursue the appeal and/or grievance process within the College. Students, using the CLASS Grade Appeal and Grievance Application, may formally submit their complaint. If the student is appealing a grade, the application with supporting documentation must be submitted within 10 business day of the first day class of the next semester in which the course occurred (excluding summer). The application and statement from the student must be typed. Once received, the application will be reviewed by the appropriate committee. The student will be notified of all outcomes in writing.

1. Prior to submitting and grade appeal and/or grievance, the student should discuss the matter with the person or persons directly involved (In the case of the grade appeal, this would be the instructor for the course.), in an attempt to resolve the matter through informal discussion.

2. If there is no resolution, the student should schedule an appointment with the appropriate department chairperson. In the case where the appeal/grievance directly involves the department chairperson, the student should schedule an appointment with the Assistant Dean. If there is no resolution after these discussions, the student shall submit the CLASS Grade Appeal and Grievance Application to the Dean's Office by the deadline indicated previously.

3. Applications that are incomplete and/or not typed will not be sumbitted to the committee for review.

4. Questions concerning the appeal/grievance process in CLASS should be submitted in writing to