How Do I...Hire a Doctor, Lawyer, or Other Professional?

From time to time, the University requires the consulting services of professionals such as architects, lawyers or doctors. When these professionals are engaged to provide services that are related to their licenses, they are exempt from State competitive purchasing rules and regulations.

The following services are statutorily defined as "professions" or "professional services": certified public accountancy, actuarial services, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, licensed or accredited appraisers or licensed or accredited financial analysts providing opinions of value, chiropractic, dentistry, professional engineering, podiatry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, registered professional nursing, harbor piloting, land surveying, law, psychology, medicine and surgery, optometry, and osteopathy.

  • To engage a professional, follow procedures for buying services, generally. Even if the professional service desired is exempt from competitive bidding rules, services at $5,000 or greater must be purchased through Procurement, by creating an E-Procurement Requisition and issuing a Purchase Order. Please also provide Procurement with an estimated value and scope of work.
  • Whether the professional service desired is above or below $5,000, the University Counsel must review and approve the form of contract proposed.
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