Housing &
Meal Plan Fees

1. How do I sign up for a meal plan?

If you are a freshman resident student, then you are required to be on the 15 meal + 200 dining dollar per week meal plan (default plan) and the 10 meal a week + 200 dining dollar meal plan is the default plan for non-freshmen.  Non-freshman resident students may choose a 14 meal a week plan for the same amount, or a 20-meal-a week plan for a high amount.  After a student signs up for housing he/she is automatically charged for the meal plan. It will be added on the system, and their fee statement will reflect these dining charges. In the summer, only the commuter meal plans are available for any students.  Please see Auxiliary Services if you wish to reduce your meal plan due to off-campus employment.

2. How much does housing and a meal plan cost? 


      Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Housing Rates



3. How long am I under contract?

When you fill out your application, you have to state for which semester/s you want to stay on campus. If you break your contract, the University has the right to charge you. Please refer back to the Housing Contract located on the Housing Application.

4. Can I eat without my ID card?

No, you may not eat without a valid Student ID card. If you have lost your ID card, then you may get a new one made at  the ID Card Office for a fee of $35.00.

5. Where can I eat with my meal plan?

On the meal plan, you can eat at the dining hall, Tiger Cafe, or Tiger Express Diner during their hours of operation.

See the Auxiliary Services FAQs for more information.


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