Savannah State University College of Sciences & Technology (SSU COST) support regional K-12 outreach and SSU COST undergraduate career development. The proposed objectives sustains K-12 Outreach Regional Leadership responsibilities, while enhancing SSU COST undergraduate career services.

K-12 Outreach builds the cohorts of educators and students engaging in innovative STEM related activities and events through the calendar year.

The office of SSU COST Outreach and Career Development also hosts the Saturday STEM Academy which will continue to focus on coding and physics to support local, regional, and federal initiatives to increase awareness in the area of coding and to assist with vertical curriculum alignment for physics, indirectly impacting mathematics.

K-12 Outreach component proposes to continue sustained leadership roles and responsibilities by continuing to identify and register K-12 students and educators for the established cohorts to provide early exposure to SSU STEM programs, as well as scholarly opportunities including but not limited to: