Department of Marketing/Communications

The Department of Marketing & Communications is responsible for developing and implementing broad-based communication plans that encompass media relations, issues management, crisis communications, marketing, publications, special events and other relevant public relations functions.

Protocols and Procedures

I. Advertising
The Communications staff is responsible for all media purchases that promote and advance the university. This includes advertisements in periodicals, newspapers, high school publications (yearbooks, newspapers, etc.), souvenir programs, business guides and directories, etc.; billboards and other public postings; and radio and television. Factors taken into consideration when evaluating media purchases solicited by vendors include target audience demographics, circulation, reproduction quality, etc.

II. Marquee
The Savannah State University campus has two message marquees, one of which is located in front of the Colston Administration building and the other near the stadium.

Typically, messages are posted each Monday morning. Employees and students may submit requests to have messages posted on the marquee. Written requests should be sent to the Director of Communications at least seven days before the desired posting date. Requests should include the name and phone number of a contact person; student organization requests should also include the approval of the adviser.

Submission does not guarantee that a message will be posted. Message requests will be evaluated according to the date received, universal appeal and impact, timeliness and validity.

III. Media Relations
To provide clear, concise communications, all media inquiries should be channeled through the Communications Department.

IV. Publicity

V. External Publications/Printing
Any external publication produced by a university employee must be cleared through the Department of Communications for continuity and quality assurance.

Most printing jobs can be handled by the campus print shop, conveniently located in the Morgan Annex Building.

VI. Photography
While the university does not have a photographer on staff, the Communications Department is authorized to contract photographers for university departments as needed and at the expense of the requesting department. The completed Contract and Agreement Approval Form, available from the Communications Department, along with a description of the event or photo session, should be submitted to the director at least two weeks before the date(s) that photos are scheduled.

VII. Electronic Communications
See official SSU Web Site Guidelines

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