Welcome to the Asa H. Gordon Library at Savannah State University Library. The primary mission of the library is to implement, enrich, and support the educational programs of Savannah State University. The library is managed by an exceptional team of library faculty and staff who work together to provide services and resources to support this mission.

  • Librarians provide in-class and informal instruction to equip our students with the skills to utilize online resources and standard reference tools to complete assignments and prepare for lifelong learning.
  • Materials are acquired and organized by Serials and Technical Services staff so that users have access to the resources that inform their research and learning activities.
  • Circulation faculty and staff members assist our users in obtaining materials from our collection and (using interlibrary) from other libraries to support and enhance what is taught in the classroom.
  • Systems and Computer Support personnel insure that the library’s hardware, software, and databases are maintained and in working order.
  • Librarians host events, sponsor an array of academic and social programs, and foster collaboration with students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community directly related to the university’s mission.

Students are encouraged to use these resources and services to explore classroom subjects, expand their imagination, and delve into areas of personal interest. Faculty members are encouraged to use these resources and services to assist them in their research and to enrich their teaching with books, audio-visual materials, and computer resources.

The faculty and staff of the library hope that our students will realize a creative and productive future because of the library collections we build, the access we provide, and the technologies made available in the Asa H. Gordon Library.

Using Students' Voices To Improve The Library Experience