Participation Process

This page outlines the basic steps to participating in the SSU Regional Science and Engineering Fair.


Participation Process

  • Each school should appoint a school-level coordinator for the school, the person who will handle all communications, registrations and paperwork. Additional teachers may be included in all communications, and fields for these names and e-mail addresses is included in the online school registration form.
  • Official Rules: SSU-RSEF is affiliated with the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).
    • Students and adult sponsors are expected to follow the same rules, regulations and procedures set out by ISEF.  The rules require that some forms be completed before experiments begin.  For an overview of the forms and expected signature dates (i.e. before experiment begins, during experiment, after experiment ends) please see rules and paperwork.
    • Because the paperwork process is complicated, ISEF offers an online “wizard,” to help student figure out which forms they need to complete.  Additionally, the SSU-RSEF one-page paperwork intake form (available in rules and paperwork) provides a quick and user-friendly overview.
    • To ensure all students are adhering to the ISEF rules, SSU-RSEF encourages teachers to engage students in the rule reading process.  Verifying that research is both safe and ethical (a standard set by the scientific community, not individual researchers) is an important part of scientific research.
    • SSU-RSEF provides full online Adobe PDF forms, which students can type directly into and print.
  • Schools hold their science fairs. Schools with system-level fairs advance winners to the system-level fair. System level fairs and schools without system level fairs advance their winners to SSU-RSEF.
  • School-level coordinators oversee the registration of students advancing to SSU-RSEF.  The registration includes:
    • An online pdf form that is electronically submitted.  This form is usually completed by student participants under the supervision of their adult sponsor or the school-level coordinator (the teacher who worked with the student).
    • Printing of the online pdf form (if it was not already printed).
    • Collection of required signatures (if not already collected).
  • Students participate in the SSU-RSEF.  Award winners and names of students advancing to the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair (GSEF) are posted online, the morning of the awards ceremony.  This allows students, parents and teachers to plan accordingly.
  • With the help of teachers, students advancing to GSEF submit registration materials to SSU-RSEF, which SSU-RSEF submits to the state level coordinators.

Costs of Participation

The cost of participating in the SSU-RSEF is $19/student.  Schools handle this participation fee differently, but each school is responsible for collection and submission of the fee to SSU prior to the fair.

The cost of participating in the state level fair is $39/student.  Again, schools handle the fee differently, but each school or school system is responsible for collection and submission of the fee to SSU.

Checks may be sent to:
Savannah State University

3219 College Street

P.O. Box 20089

Attention: STEM 360

Savannah, GA. 31404