The SSU Writing Center is housed in the Department of Liberal Arts, which is a part of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. The Writing Center is designed to assist students in becoming better readers and writers. Please read the following guidelines for seeking and receiving assistance in the SSU Writing Center:

  1. We work on a one-to-one basis on any writing project - from brainstorming to revision to final touches. We work on essays, lab reports, resumes, formal letters of all types, master's theses, work for publication, etc.
  2. We help anyone on campus - from freshman to graduate students and from staff to faculty to administrators of SSU.
  3. We identify your strong and not-so-strong writing habits and help you perfect your strengths and improve your potential strengths.
  4. We focus on Writing Across the Disciplines to include math, science, history, etc. This focus reflects the SSU QEP - The "Write" Attitude.
  5. We encourage all students to make appointments in advance and before the due date. However, at times we do have same day appointments available. Remember, even if your instructor requires you be seen at the ReWrite, if we do not have appointment times available, unfortunately we cannot assist you. Further, we will not simply sign session notes to assert that you were here.
  6. You may schedule one 30 or 60 minute session per day depending on the breadth of assistance needed.
  7. You may request to work with a particular tutor. We will do our best to honor your request; however, you may have to be shifted to another tutor if scheduling constraints warrant it.
  8. Although we primarily work on a one-to-one basis, we do offer group sessions if warranted. If you are interested in a group appointment, please let us know when scheduling.
  9. Bring your syllabus or writing assignment/guidelines. We can help you fulfill your writing requirements better if we know what your professor is expecting. Help us help you!
  10. You must come in prepared to work and with an open and receptive attitude. The tutors in the Writing Center will not do the work for you. We operate under the notion that over time, students will become better writers as they master skills within the writing process.
  11. While we hope that through assistance, students' writing will improve, the SSU Writing Center cannot determine, influence or guarantee grades.
  12. We support you in taking ownership of your own academic success, and will not write, type, proofread or edit your work for you. Therefore, come in prepared to work with an open and receptive attitude, and ask questions when you don't understand something. Both tutor and student should be willing participants in their session.
  13. The ReWrite staff reserve the right to end sessions with a student if the student is being disruptive, disrespectful, or non-participatory in the session.
  14. Students who are ten minutes late to their appointments forfeit their appointment time. Staff members will then take the next student waiting for assistance. Students who are late three times over the course of a semester may be required to forfeit their right to attend the SSU Writing Center for the entirety of the next semester.
  15. The staff of the SSU Writing Center are not in the business of correcting students' essays for them. At no point will member of the Writing Center edit, proofread, or revise a paper for a student.