Walking Challenge

The official challenge is over but the staff of SSU is keeping the momentum going. These employees have made changes to their daily routine and are reaping the benefits.

Do you have a story? Send in a short quote about your experience. Has it changed your mindset about sitting vs. walking? Do you notice any differences in the way you think about your day? Have you made new friends? Have you discovered a new area of campus?

Take a selfie or a photo of the campus on a walk and send it with your quote to communications@savannahstate.edu.

Kim Newton

Kim N.

Physical Plant

"I met a lot of new people because of the walk and it changes my mood because it is refreshing."

Johnny McDonald

Johnny M.

Admissions & Recruitment

"I know the campus really well so I'm very familiar with it but I met a lot of new faces."

Jessika Garcia

Jessika G.

Admissions & Recruitment

"It's great that we do this. It's a nice way of meeting other people from other departments."

Walking 101

According to The American Heart Association, walking can help keep you fit and reduce your risk of serious diseases, like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and more. It is easy to start and more people are joining the Walking Challenge at Savannah State University. Learn more basic facts about how to increase your walking to improve your health.

Source: The American Heart Association
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Shaquita Crawford

Shaquita C.


"Walk early, stay hydrated."

Savannah State University employees participating in a campus fitness walk.

It's Easy!

Five Ways to Add More Steps to Your Day

Adding more steps to your everyday routine can be easier than you think, especially on Savannah State's picturesque campus. Time is a premium resource and finding exercise opportunities is a challenge for many people.

Walking provides the perfect fitness solution. There is no special equipment required and you can do it anywhere at anytime. Even short trips to a colleague's office instead of an email can increase your step count. Learn more easy ways to add extra steps to your day.

Source: Monday Campaigns
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Carl Sneed

Carl S.

Information Technology Services

"I started in April when we first started the walk and I really enjoy it. It's cool to walk with fellow comrades. I've met new people that I usually only see in passing. I'm willing to keep it up after the walk is over."

Dewayne Gilliard

Dewayne G.

Student Affairs

"I started walking in October of 2015, with more people getting into the walk, it made me want to do more, I'm very competitive. It creates friendly competition and motivation within the office. Being able to see your steps makes a difference."

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Savannah State University employees walk by large moss-covered trees during campus fitness walk.
Savannah State University employees with fruit and walk bottles walking on campus.

Don't Work Out Alone

Stay Motivated

It is hard to get motivated but seeking out like-minded people will help you make progress and stay motivated. Walking with people helps boost morale and pushes you to work harder. Grab a buddy and go for a walk. At SSU, we encourage it. And we host weekly walking challenges. Learn more tips about staying motivated.

Source: American Heart Association
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Shamir Yates

Shamir Y.

Admissions & Recruitment

"I've been hearing about the buzz from coworkers and wanted to check it out."

Dr. Dozier walking
Alicia Williams

Alicia W.

Colston Administration

"I noticed the construction near Drew Griffith but I know the campus fairly well. The first time I did the walk was during midday so it was refreshing after sitting in the office all day."

Phillip Adams

Phillip A.

University Advancement

"I noticed the turtles in the canals on campus and met all kinds of new people that are my trail mates. I think I will continue to do this even when it is over."

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Enjoy the Campus Scenery

Have you noticed the trees, marshes, and building placements on Savannah State's campus? Take a walk along the marsh and look for a weeping willow, a red mulberry, and an eastern red cedar. Walk the trail around the campus and see if you can spot the larger red mulberry, turtles, and other animals! Read more to learn about other historical areas on Savannah State's campus.

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Rikita Gardner

Rikita G.


"I met a lot of new staff, and increased steps for the process of losing weight. I lost 37 pounds so far. I will keep doing this even after the walk is over, it really helps."

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Melanie Smith

Melanie S.

International Education

"This campus is gorgeous and I can't say I've discovered new places, but I have discovered new animals. I saw this amazing grey hawk - no idea what kind he was, but he was huge - this campus has so much to offer students, and wildlife!"

Edward Jolley

Edward J.

Business and Financial Affairs

"It is the best way to get out and enjoy our beautiful campus, and to keep your body functioning at its best."

Savannah State University employees in orange shirts taking part in the walk challenge.

Mental Health Benefits of Walking

Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts overall mood, making SSU an even better daily working environment.

What's not to like about walking? There's no question that walking is good for you and the mental benefits of walking can help anyone at any age. Learn more about the mental health benefits of walking.

Source: HelpGuide
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Savannah State University employees during campus fitness walk.
Dariel Dixon

Dariel D.

University Advancement

"I think the walks are great. I've been doing this since April. I didn't know that giving people devices would make their competitive spirits grow and build morale."

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Ronica Ridley-Martin

Ronica R.

Academic Affairs

"As a new employee, it has encouraged me to learn about the campus and meet new people."

Yvette Wheeler

Yvette W.

International Education

"I am definitely calmer throughout the day - it has changed my entire mindset. And I found a new place to walk by the marsh."