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The President

Delroy Cameron, President ISA

Dear ISA Members,

         I welcome you to the beginning of a new tenure of leadership in the club’s history. I anticipate fostering a healthy working relationship with you, geared towards stimulating progress and advancement within the Association. 

I trust that your commitment towards our collective upliftment as well as your individual resolve to excel will remain steadfast. Be ever cognizant of the importance of your academic objectives as well as the necessity for integration amongst us as International Students.

           The new executive body is intent on beginning new traditions within the Association and establishing formality within its structure. Through strategic planning and the execution of socially and culturally diverse activities, we hope to create a vibrant and dynamic institution at the University.  

Your indulgence as pro-active and enthusiastic members is imperative. I challenge you to adopt a renewed sense of commitment towards upward mobility and progress. The success of our very existence depends heavily on your dedication and active involvement

Let us seek vigorously to fulfill the objectives outlined in our mission statement and by virtue of empirical evidence, demonstrate meaning in the philosophy, “Cogito Ergo Sum”…………I think therefore I exist. 

The International Students’ Association will be an exemplary body at Savannah State University.