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The Advisor



As advisor to the International Student Association, I would like to welcome you to Savannah State University and this website.  The students who are involved in this association are without question outstanding, dedicated and thorough. The product of their effort expresses their commitment to the association, the institution and to their heritage.

I am pleased to be a part of this association. The satisfaction that I have experienced through daily interactions with members of the association has enriched my knowledge and experience thereby providing a conduit to the world through the eyes of the students from, Africa, Asia, North and South America. This is indeed an exceptional travel bargain.

As our country and the world are absorbed in a global economy, we are touched by the myriad of issues that confront our views on religion, education, politics and culture.  We however learn to cope, tolerate and accept.

As the song goes” one love, one heart, let’s get together and we’ll feel alright”.

Advisor to the International Student Association