Savannah Regional Science and Engineering Fair


The Savannah Regional Science and Engineering Fair gives students a venue to develop important critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, teamwork and personal management skills, which are essential in order to thrive in today's technological society.

This past year we had 168 projects and over 180 students participate with 40 projects eligible to advance to the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair (GSEF). Thank you to all the parents, teachers, students, and judges that participated in the fair and helped make it the success that it was.

Two types of awards are presented at the Savannah State University-Savannah Regional Science and Engineering Fair: category awards and special awards. Category award winners are chosen by category judges. The number of awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd) depends on participation levels and quality of projects within each category. To receive a category award student projects must meet the high standards of the fair as a whole and be of the highest quality within their category. If a category has only a handful of projects, the projects are judged individually, but they are held to the same high standards as other categories. For this reason, not all categories are guaranteed 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. (If a category has only one or two projects, those projects will not necessarily be awarded 1st and 2nd place prizes.) In addition to category awards, special awards are sponsored by local and national businesses and organizations. Eligibility varies from award to award, and recipients are chosen by special awards judges.

2016 Award Winners



Abbey Peek Bible Baptist
Abby Strickland Bible Baptist
Aiden Hintz STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Alana Martin Godley Station
Alexa Polote HV Jenkins
Allen Burns Glynn Academy
Anna Claire Edenfield STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Austin Mitchell St. Francis Xavier
Avy Zhang Godley Station
Blakely Ellis STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Brenda Rodriguez HV Jenkins
Brogan Wright HV Jenkins
Cal Fishel HV Jenkins
Caleb Coleman William James
Cater Marks Glynn Academy
Catherine Moore St. Peter ApostaleÂ
Catherine Nguyen STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Cayden Somers STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Ceci Smith William James
Chloe Robertson Georgetown K8
Christian James STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Colin Hoadley Islands High School
Colin Wooley STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Daena Brink STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Daniel Crowe William James
Drew Kaufman Glynn Academy
Eletria Biswas William James
Elias Cabrera Islands High School
Erin Burgess Bible Baptist
Erin Osbourne Glynn Academy
Fallon O'Neill STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Fletcher Gaddy STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Griffin Bates Glynn Academy
Haidyn Arnett STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Haleigh Terhune Glynn Academy
Helen McIntyre Classical Conversation Berwick Campus
Isabella Parkhurst STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Jackson McClellan Calvary Day School
Jackson McGlamery William James
Jacob Mercer HV Jenkins
Jake Peeples William James
Jake Vrolijk Glynn Academy
Jenascia Peleti Georgetown K8
Jessie Barre HV Jenkins
John Turner STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Jordan Pollock HV Jenkins
Justin Roberts Calvary Day School
Kaleb Gauntt HV Jenkins
Kate Perry STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Katelyn Carter William James
Keerthana Shanthakumar STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Kinley Veal Georgetown K8
Lindsay Murray St. James
Maggie Barnhardt Glynn Academy
Marc Saul Ram Bam Day School
Maria Barre St. Francis Xavier
Maria Cataldo STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Matthew Gay HV Jenkins
Megan Redwine William James
Micah Turner STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Michael Greco HV Jenkins
Morgan Hines Bible Baptist
Moshe Landon Ram Bam Day School
Natalie Henderson St. Peter ApostaleÂ
Neka Shepard HV Jenkins
Nora Wiggins William James
Quyen Vo HV Jenkins
Rachel Mitkowski Glynn Academy
Reid Ragan William James
Riley Powers Glynn Academy
Rylee Maxwell McIntosh
Sanya Dudani HV Jenkins
Sarah Redmond HV Jenkins
Sean Given STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Shelby Lesh STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Shelby Thomas HV Jenkins
Spencer Marrero STEM Academy @ Bartlett
Taylor Bandy Calvary
Thomas Bordeaux HV Jenkins
Thomas King St. Peter ApostaleÂ
Van Dohram STEM Academy @ Bartlett
William Parker Glynn Academy