2019 RSEF Week Schedule

February 5 - 7, 2019




Chatham County Students

Check-in and Project Set-up

(Student Union/Student Center)


7:30 am

Students from outside Chatham County

Check-in and Project Set-Up

Check-in, complimentary breakfast

8:00 am

Judges' orientation

8:30 am

No students allowed in project display room


Groups may leave site (with permission of or with chaperones), but must return by 10:15

Intitial project assessment without students present

10:15 am

All students report to foyer, prepare to enter project display hall for interviews


10:30 am

 Student interviews in project display hall

(Student Union/Student Center)

12:30 pm




Students Released

Selection of Category Winners

  • Record scores
  • Identify top projects
  • Choose category winner by consensus
1:45 pm

Selection of Overall Winners

  • Review all category winners
  • Vote on overall winner
2:30 pm

Estimated end time

3:30pm - 7:00pm

PUBLIC VIEWING - Project Display Hall open to general public

(Students may remove projects from Display Hall)


10:00 am

Names of award recipients posted online at savannahstate.edu/cost/stem360


8:30am - 11:00am

Public Viewing-Project display hall open to the general public

(Students must remove projects from the Display Hall)


11:30am All projects must be removed from Display Hall
6:00 pm

Awards Ceremony

Howard Jordan Building, College of Business Administration

Torian Auditorium