Freshman Letter

Dear Student,

RE: Homeless or Aged Out Of Foster Care

If you have experienced homelessness or you have aged out of foster care, it may interest you to know that on every University System of Georgia campus there is a person who is the point of contact (POC) for these and related services. On our campus at Savannah State University, that person is Jacqueline Awe. The staff of the counseling center is also available to provide support with these specific/unique needs; through our Students That Are Rising (STAR) program. The mission of the STAR program is to improve higher education outcomes and retention for disconnected students, who have aged out of foster care or are homeless; through the use of campus-community supportive networks and resources.

Our website outlines the various services and programs that are offered, as well as community resources, links to various programs nationwide and scholarships. We encourage you to voluntarily self- identify to one of our staff members, so you may explore what is available, and discover how we could support you as you matriculate through your four years of college.

Thank you for your interest in supportive services.
Our Motto: HELP is NOT a bad 4 letter word!

Jacqueline Awe

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end."
 John Lennon