Eligibility, Application Process and Requirements

Consumers of the STAR program have unique needs related to the specific situations that they may be experiencing. Some needs are immediate, some are short term and some require longer term planning that is outside of the scope of services provided by this office.

Step 1: Present to the office and self-disclose to the counselor or coordinator of STAR services.
Step 2: Present evidence of need (documentation or records are helpful)
Step 3: Complete an intake form (this gives us a history of your situation and extent of your need)
Step 4: A face to face meeting will follow and an assessment of the services that are needed will be agreed upon by you and the staff member.
Step 5: You may receive an application to become part of the STAR program or be referred for community assistance, based on available resources and your presenting problem.

On being a registered STAR student:

*All services are contingent on available campus/community resources.